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Enphase Energy is an American company that started in 2006. Enphase has grown to become the global market leader in microinverters. Microinverters directly convert direct current (DC) per panel to alternating current (AC).

Higher production
The Enphase microinverters have a higher production than standard inverters because through this system each panel generates power independently and is therefore not dependent on the fact that another panel is in the shade or covered with dirt.

More Reliable and Safe
The Enphase microinverter meets the most stringent requirements. The fire safety of this system is high due to the fact that the DC voltage is directly converted to AC voltage, which means that the risk of fire is many times smaller than with DC voltage on the roof.

The warranty on the Enphase microinverters is 25 years and this is no coincidence. The microinverters have been extensively tested to the strictest product requirements. This results in this long product warranty.

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