Why Solar4all

About Solar4all

Solar4all is a young, fresh and flexible company that is founded by three man with a common passion for sustainability and entrepreneurship.
From the thought: ‘a better environment, starts with yourself’, the idea rose to make a positive contribution to the energy transition process. With the goal to penetrate the solar energy market with an own Dutch solar brand.
Solar4all stands for young, stubborn and ambitious in which high quality and personal service are highly valuated.

Our power

Solar4all is what it says. A company and brand that wants to make solar energy accessible for everyone. The pillars of wich we work from are: quality, service, budget and simplicity.
By producing our own solar panels, we can ensure the quality and keep the pricing low. Not a lot of chains in between but direct lines only, Tier 1 manufacturing, an A-brand solar panel and personal service for a budget price.

Vision… mission… passion



With passion and dedication make a significant contribution to the renewable energy transition.


Making solar energy accessible, simple and affordable for everyone.


Young, stubborn and ambitious with passion for sustainability and we want to implement this in our total business concept.

The ideal balance



CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility] stands for three important pillars: People, Planet and Profit.
From our vision we are always trying to find the right harmony between these three pillars. Where possible we’re following our green hart and also try to propagate this to our customers.
People and Planet are always prior to Profit!

The Team [Together Everyone Achieves More]

Our team consists of three different personalities. Robby Welling (director), Sjoerd Ars (director sales) and Bart Welling (director engineering) want to penetrate the solar market in a different way and contribute as much as possible to the sustainable goals which are set by the European Union for 2030.
This management team is being assisted by Bas Pelser (financial expert) and Jack Bongers (successful entrepreneur). Together they make a fantastic mix that strives to perfection, quality and harmony.