Next to the fact that we deliver top quality products for sharp prices, the biggest USP we have is our high-end personal service. Almost 24-7 we are there for our customers to help them in any way we can. In our opinion every customer is unique and should be treated accordingly. Because a multinational doesn’t have the same needs as a local installer. Through the knowledge and expertise we have in our company we can support every costumer with the specific challenges that they have.

One point of contact

Not four different numbers or multiple departments but just one point of contact for each costumer. This works so much easier and keeps everything clearer and more direct. One person that can directly handle all your requests.

Extended delivery options

If it needs to be delivered in a neighbourhood, building location or at the 3rd floor. Our logistic channel is classified in a matter that we are really flexible in the ways that we can deliver our goods in the most efficient way. If it needs to be in a rush or on a Sunday, we are able to make it happen.

Project support

With the knowledge and expertise in house we are able to support and give our costumers professional advice. Hereby our main points of support:

  • SDE+ subsidy application
  • Engineering
  • Calculation
  • Technical support
  • Organize and plan installations

Outside business hours reachable

Because we understand the difficulties that our customers have and the fact that you can’t always plan everything upfront. And even when you planned everything it doesn’t always turn out the way it should be. You don’t want to listen to an answering machine that tells you to call back on Monday after 09.00 pm.

Easy online ordering

With our webshop you can order 24/7 online with any laptop or mobile device that you have. The orders come in our system directly and we will keep you posted what the status of your order is at any given moment.

Tailored advice

Every customer is unique and has his own specific needs and wishes. So our advice is always tailored to these needs. With every customer we have a chat to see what these needs are and find out what is the best package for him or his company. Because the solar market is constantly moving the relationship with the customer is also. In this way we can assure that we track the developments and keep monitoring the specific solutions at any time.